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Each page is an authentic one of a kind document saved from water, fire, or spine broken books up to currently 149 years old! Lastly the words match the images and the images will match the page. Though we strive for perfection there may be times when the word assigned to the art piece might not be so self evident but read the definition and it will become clearer.

The Astronomer Art Card

The Astronomer represents ‘The Future’. He is forward thinking and adventurous, however you will note a few interesting subtle curiosities in this piece. One is that the Earth is exactly in the center of the page, because we as humans sometimes tend to forget what is around us and are the center of our own universe. But also take a look at the size… we are the smallest of what is out there and known and perhaps of what is not known as well. Hence the rocket has barely gone anywhere in the scope of time and math compared to what is left to discover: Our Future! The scientist himself is modeled after the 16th century Italian astronomer Galileo.

Originals are created with mixed media techniques.

  • Print : 20.3 W X 28 H Cm
  • Print with Frame :  34 W X 40 H Cm

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