WE ARE Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery (IV)

IV offers an all-inclusive solution for those in pursuit of contemporary,
stylish and functional home interiors.
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Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery are artists, we are craftsmen, we are developers, we are innovators, we are a team.

Since 2000, we have functioned under the corporate and artistic guidance and expertise of Neel Shukla, Senior Art Director. His direction empowers his team to regard all projects as unique, offering individual customisation and character. Neel’s command on client relations and deep understanding of design and art evolution have awarded IV a reputable position in the market. Coming from an art family background, Neel is driven by an impulse for art which resonates on every project taken on. His team ensure every design intent and objective is achieved by exploring and mastering multiple concepts to conceive the ultimate artistic solution.


At FSRG, we understand the ever emerging world of art is blending alliances with design, technol- ogy, fashion and materials. As creative cupids, we envision a way to fuse all these elements in every project. Our aim is to leave a de ned and creative footprint in every project we take on and offer a signi cant value to our clients.

FSRG leads a robust art consultancy hub in Dubai Design District. Our expert team work closely with some of the most established design and architectural rms in the region. We embrace each project with a philosophy of originality, precision and vision. Our consultants work in partnership with designers, speci ers and clients to produce images and environments which bring charm, distinction and a signi cant statement to their brand.

IV offers an all-inclusive solution for those in pursuit of contemporary, stylish and functional home interiors. With 30 years of experience, IV represents only the most elite and influential brands globally and has genuine partnerships with some of the most dedicated and creative home décor designers and craftsmen.

For three decades IV has also offered a comprehensive consulting service that merges art and design. IV is opening its fagship lifestyle store in Building 7, d3 in the first quarter of 2018.

IV will present few very creative & celebrated designers’ contributions; IV is delighted to showcase its international offering with an introduction of Jonathan Adler furniture and homewares, in store.

An exclusive collection from Los Angeles based furniture designer Rene Cazares, renowned for his exceptional and chic, fawlessly constructed upholstery pieces.

IV will also showcase intricate preservation designs of Christopher Marley, who combines aspects of nature, living things and art to create a world like no other. Fascinated by the design of living organisms, Christopher Marley takes his fascination and uses it to create his Insects Collection, featuring textures, colors and patterns of insects, arranged in a way to showcase their complex, yet minimalistic design.

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