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Each page is an authentic one of a kind document saved from water, fire, or spine broken books up to currently 149 years old! Lastly the words match the images and the images will match the page. Though we strive for perfection there may be times when the word assigned to the art piece might not be so self evident but read the definition and it will become clearer.

The Scientist (Tesla) Art Card

First of all, no, this is NOT Ralph Fiennes the actor, it really is the likeness of Tesla, the creator and scientist who was the father of many electrical marvels. His technology brought us fancy cars you see on the road today that run without gas, including a sport coupe named after him – Tesla.

Here the scientist stands for Discovery, self or otherwise. The lower row consists of Tesla’s greatest discoveries & inventions and moves upwards to the 7 greatest discoveries & inventions that we as humans have benefited from:  vaccination, gravity, the wheel, clothing, electricity, DNA and the knife.

The final row consists of element chart symbols rearranged to actually spell the BS OF SCIENCE …due in part to the age-old battle of Religion vs. Science and what created what.

Originals are created with mixed media techniques.  

  • Print : 20.3 W X 28 H Cm
  • Print with Frame :  34 W X 40 H Cm

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